Glen Akibo-Betts

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Experiments have been performed in the gas phase to investigate the stability of complexes of the general form [Pb(ROH)(N)](2+). With water as a solvent, there is no evidence of [Pb(H(2)O)(N)](2+); instead [PbOH(H(2)O)(N-1)](+) is observed, where lead is considered to be held formally in a +2 oxidation state by the formation of a hydroxide core. As the(More)
An experimental gas-phase study of the intensities and fragmentation patterns of [Mn.(H(2)O)(n)](2+) and [Mn.(ROH)(n)](2+) complexes shows the combinations [Mn.(H(2)O)(4)](2+) and [Mn.(ROH)(4)](2+) to be stable. Evidence in complexes involving the alcohols methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol, and 2-propanol favors preferential fragmentation to [Mn.(ROH)(4)](2+),(More)
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