Gleide Marsicano

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PURPOSE The major obstacle to successful discordant kidney xenotransplantation is hyperacute rejection (HAR). Complement plays a key role in the induction of HRA, defined by endothelial cell activation, loss of vascular integrity, hemorrhage and thrombosis. The activation of complement is tightly controlled by a number of species-specific regulatory(More)
Expression of various developmentally regulated markers was screened throughout the preimplantation stages of in vitro-derived bovine embryos. This was done by investigating the distribution of several nuclear, cytoplasmic and extracellular proteins by means of immunofluorescence microscopy. While lamin B appeared as a constitutive component of nuclei of(More)
We describe an adaptation of the Dexter technique for obtaining ovine long-term bone marrow cultures able to sustain haemopoiesis in vitro for long periods. Two inocula of bone marrow cells collected at three-five weeks interval, in IMDM supplemented with fetal calf serum (10%), horse serum (10%) and hydrocortisone (5 x 10(-7) M), gave rise to the growth of(More)
  • Andréia Duarte Penter, Camila Nunes Hallal, +5 authors Juliane Nunes Hallal Cabral
  • 2010
Background: Dermatophytoses are cosmopolitan contagious mycoses of the skin and concern a wide range of mammals, including man, and more rarely birds. These mycoses are rarely diagnosed in New World Primates. The most frequent tinea of the subhuman Primates is microsporosis due to Microsporum canis or trichophytosis by Trichophyton mentagrophytes and T.(More)
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