Gleb S. Denisov

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The tautomeric equilibrium in a Schiff base, N-(3,5-dibromosalicylidene)-methylamine 1, a model for the hydrogen bonded structure of the cofactor pyridoxal-5'-phosphate PLP which is located in the(More)
1H, (2)H, and (13)C NMR spectra of enriched CH(3)(13)COOH acid without and in the presence of tetra-n-butylammonium acetate have been measured around 110 K using a liquefied Freon mixture(More)
We have studied the hydrogen bond interactions of (15)N labeled 4-methylpyridine (4-MP) with pentachlorophenol (PCP) in the solid state and in polar solution using various NMR techniques. Previous(More)
Heteroconjugated hydrogen-bonded anions A···H···X(-) of phenols (AH) and carboxylic/inorganic acids (HX) dissolved in CD2Cl2 and CDF3/CDF2Cl have been studied by combined low-temperature UV-vis and(More)
The low-temperature (1)H, (19)F, and (15)N NMR spectra of mixtures of collidine-(15)N (2,4,6-trimethylpyridine-(15)N, Col) with HF have been measured using CDF(3)/CDF(2)Cl as a solvent in the(More)