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The increasing significance of special-purpose reasoners in theorem proving, and the necessity for a common i teraction interface for such reasoners is discussed. A candidate set of operations for such an interface is proposed. The interface is based on two important classes of objects a reasoner and a proof step. A discussion on the importance of(More)
The on-line world is populated by an increasing number of knowledge-rich resources. Furthermore, there is a growing trend among authors to provide semantic markup of these resources. This presents a tantalizing prospect. Perhaps we can leverage the person-years of effort invested in building these knowledge-rich resources to create large-scale knowledge(More)
In order to optimize costs of the supply chain, companies try to increase their degree of standardization. One possible approach is the reduction of the often high diversity of C-part variants. Therefore, they try to establish a small standard set of each C-part to reduce diversity to a minimum. The only restriction is to maintain required functionality of(More)
Robot systems for automated welding have become very common in high-volume industries like the automotive sector. There are, however, unsolved issues to be answered when adopting this manufacturing technology to environments with small batch sizes or even lot size one. The biggest obstacle is the fact that programming efforts for robot systems often exceed(More)
  • Gleb Frank
  • 2011 15th IEEE International Conference on…
  • 2011
Manufacturing companies are often faced with a large variety of customer needs. Frequently the consequence is an extensive number of assembly and part variants. Furthermore, customizing complex product platforms results in a great effort. Development and production costs are therefore on a high level. Hence, companies try to find the optimum equilibrium of(More)
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