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We consider scattering amplitudes in string models in the Regge limit of high energies and fixed momentum transfers with the use of the unitarity in direct channels. Intermediate states are taken in the multi-Regge kinematics corresponding to the production of resonances with fixed invariant masses and large relative rapidities. In QCD such kinematics leads(More)
Data collected in electronic patient records (EPR) databases may be used for different goals besides their direct purpose - information support for medical staff in their everyday activities. One of the most promising spheres is a monitoring of various processes induced in medical facility. In our studies EPR serves as a basis for healthcare associated(More)
The modular transformations of the (1|1) complex supermanifolds in the likeSchottky modular parameterization are discussed. It is shown that these ”supermodular” transformations depend on the spinor structure of the (1|1) complex supermanifold by terms proportional to the odd modular parameters. The above terms are calculated in the explicit form. The(More)
Superstring amplitudes of an arbitrary genus are calculated through super-Schottky parameters by a summation over the fermion strings. For a calculation of divergent multiloop fermion string amplitudes a supermodular invariant regularization procedure is used. A cancellation of divergences in the superstring amplitudes is established. Grassmann variables(More)
It is shown that the vacuum value of the 2d gravity stress tensor in the free field theory is singular in the fundamental region on the complex plane where the genus-n > 1 Riemann surface are mapped. Because of the above singularity, one can not construct modular invariant multi-loop amplitudes. The discussed singularity is due to the singularity in the(More)
The multi-loop amplitudes for the closed, oriented superstring are represented by finite dimensional integrals of explicit functions calculated through the super-Schottky group parameters and interaction vertex coordinates on the supermanifold. The integration region is proposed to be consistent with the group of the local symmetries of the amplitude and(More)
Widely spread cruel misconceptions and mistakes in the calculation of multi-loop superstring amplitudes are exposed. Correct calculations are given. It is shown that the cardinal mistake in the gauge fixing procedure presents ab ovo in the Verlinde papers. The mistake was reproduced in following proposals including the recent papers. The modular symmetry of(More)
For a calculation of divergent fermion string amplitudes a regularization procedure invariant under the supermodular group is constructed. By this procedure superstring amplitudes of an arbitrary genus are calculated using both partition functions and superfield vacuum correlators computed early. A finiteness of superstring amplitudes and related topics are(More)