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The one-dimensional cutting stock problem (1D-CSP) and the two-dimensional two-stage guillotine constrained cutting problem (2D-2CP) are considered in this paper. The Gilmore-Gomory models of these problems have very strong continuous relaxations providing a good bound in an LP-based solution approach. In recent years, there have been several efforts to(More)
Synchronous Transfer Architecture (STA) is a coarse-grain reconfigurable hardware. It is modelled by using a common machine description that is suitable for both compiler and core generator. STA is a Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) architecture and in addition it uses a non-orthogonal Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). Generating efficient code for such(More)
We consider the feasibility problem OPP in higher-dimensional orthogonal packing: given a set of d-dimensional (d ≥ 2) rectangular items, decide whether all of them can be orthogonally packed in the given rectangular container without rotation. The 1D 'bar' LP relaxation of OPP reduces the latter to a 1D cutting-stock problem where the packing of each stock(More)
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