Gleb Barmashenko

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A synRas mouse model was used expressing constitutively activated Ha-Ras (Val12 mutation) in neurons to investigate the role of Ras-MAPkinase signalling for neuronal connectivity in adult brain. Expression of the transgene in the cortex of these mice starts after neuronal differentiation is completed and allows to directly investigate the effects of(More)
Injury and loss of neurons are observed in the center of a cerebral cortical lesion. Mechanisms of early functional reorganization post-lesion involve changes in the strength of synaptic coupling as measured in long-term potentiation (LTP). Since these changes in LTP may depend on the intraneuronal calcium concentration ([Ca2+]I), the present study analyzed(More)
Focal lesions of the visual cortex induce deafferentiation, excitotoxic cell death as well as functional reorganization in the surrounding tissue. The intracellular second messenger calcium is involved in a wide range of cellular responses including excitotoxicity and functional reorganization following cortical injuries. We investigated the intracellular(More)
PURPOSE γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA)ergic transmission plays an important role in the initiation of epileptic activity and the generation of ictal discharges. The functional alterations in the epileptiform hippocampus critically depend on GABAergic mechanisms and cation-chloride cotransporters. METHODS To understand the cellular basis of specific functional(More)
Albinism in mammals is accompanied by specific morphological and functional alterations of the visual system. To understand their cellular basis we studied the physiological characteristics and transmembrane currents of pyramidal neurons in 350-microm-thick slices of visual cortex from pigmented and albino rats using whole-cell and gramicidin perforated(More)
Albinism has a profound effect on visual development and visual function. Pharmacologically significant alterations of the two most important chloride-transporters--KCC2 (outward transporter) and NKCC1 (inward transporter)--functions were found in albino visual cortex neurons, comprising a higher NKCC1 and a lower KCC2 action. In this study, we compare the(More)
We have recently demonstrated that constitutive activation of Ha-Ras in differentiated neurons induces structural remodeling of both axons and dendrites in a transgenic mouse model (referred as synRas mice). Here we show that this activation of neuronal Ras enhances docking of synaptic vesicles to active zones, thereby leading to an increase in the size of(More)
1. In order to investigate the possible effect of membrane potential on cytoplasmic Na+ binding to the Na+-K+ pump, we studied Na+-K+ pump current-voltage relationships in single guinea-pig ventricular myocytes whole-cell voltage clamped with pipette solutions containing various concentrations of Na+ ([Na+]pip) and either tetraethylammonium (TEA+) or(More)
The second messenger cyclic GMP affects synaptic transmission and modulates synaptic plasticity and certain types of learning and memory processes. The impact of the natriuretic peptide receptor B (NPR-B) and its ligand C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP), one of several cGMP producing signaling systems, on hippocampal synaptic plasticity and learning is,(More)
This project is characterized by joint experimental approaches which contribute to the development of new network models of one of the most common neurological diseases epilepsy. Basic parameters of synaptic transmission and membrane properties in different neuronal cell types in animal models and in the human will be determined. These biophysical(More)
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