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Electron affinities, ionization potentials, and redox potentials for DNA bases, base pairs, and N-methylated derivatives are computed at the DFT/M06-2X/6-31++G(d,p) level of theory. Redox properties of a guanine-guanine stack model are explored as well. Reduction and oxidation potentials are in good agreement with the experimental ones. Electron affinities(More)
We present resonant two-photon ionization (R2PI), UV-UV, and IR-UV double resonance spectra of xanthine seeded in a supersonic jet by laser desorption. We show that there is only one tautomer of xanthine which absorbs in the wavelength range of 36 700 to 37 700 cm(-1). The IR-UV double resonance spectrum shows three strong bands at 3444, 3485, and 3501(More)
Ab initio techniques were used to determine the effects of protonation and methylation on cytosine's molecular geometry, molecular affinities, relative stability, and structural rigidity. The geometries of local minima were fully optimized by the gradient procedure at DFT and MP2 levels of theory with the medium size 6-31G(d,p) basis set. The results of(More)
Double resonance spectroscopy of clusters of guanine with aspartic acid reveals geometries similar to patterns exhibited in DNA base pairs. In the spectral region of 32,800 cm(-1) to 35,500 cm(-1) we observe five isomers of guanine-aspartic acid clusters and assign their structures based on IR-UV hole-burning spectra and wave function theory calculations at(More)
Methylation of DNA occurs most readily at N(3), N(7), and O(6) of purine bases and N(3) and O(2) of pyrimidines. Methylated bases are continuously formed through endogenous and exogenous mechanisms. The results of a theoretical ab initio study on the methylation of G:C base pair components are reported. The geometries of the local minima were optimized(More)
An ab initio nonequilibrium Green's function study of the electron-transport properties of the adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine DNA bases located between gold electrodes has been performed. One-electron transmission spectra were calculated for both gold and sulfur-modified gold electrodes, which are model conditions of scanning tunneling microscopy(More)
The aim of this work is to serve as a guideline for the initial selection of monomer and solvent for the synthesis of the nitrocompound-based molecularly imprinted polymers, MIPs. Reported data include evaluation of six systems with the ability to form noncovalently bonded monomer-template complexes. These systems are represented by the following aliphatic(More)
The conventional strain energies for azetidine and phosphetane are determined within the isodesmic, homodesmotic, and hyperhomodesmotic models. Optimum equilibrium geometries, harmonic vibrational frequencies, and corresponding electronic energies and zero-point vibrational energies are computed for all pertinent molecular systems using self-consistent(More)
We report the results of a theoretical ab initio study of methylation in Watson-Crick A:T base pairs. Equilibrium geometries were obtained without symmetry restrictions by the gradient procedure at DFT level of theory with the standard 6-31G(d) basis set. Each local minima was verified by energy second derivative calculations. Single-point calculations for(More)
Hydrogen is detected using a Pd/n-InP Schottky diode in which the elongated, very thin Pd electrode is of greater resistance than the underlying semiconductor substrate. Four-probe measurements of the device resistance, as a function of hydrogen concentration, are made by contacting only the Pd electrode, with a sensitivity of 1 ppm being achieved. On(More)