Gladys Simpson

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Delayed γ-ray cascades, originating from the decay of (6⁺) isomeric states, in the very neutron-rich, semimagic isotopes (136,138)Sn have been observed following the projectile fission of a ²³⁸U beam at RIBF, RIKEN. The wave functions of these isomeric states are proposed to be predominantly a fully aligned pair of f(7/2) neutrons. Shell-model calculations,(More)
A new isomer with a half-life of 23.0(8) ms has been identified at 2406 keV in (126)Pd and is proposed to have a spin and parity of 10(+) with a maximally aligned configuration comprising two neutron holes in the 1h(11/2) orbit. In addition to an internal-decay branch through a hindered electric octupole transition, β decay from the long-lived isomer was(More)
L. Cáceres,1,2,* M. Górska,1 A. Jungclaus,2,3 M. Pfützner,4 H. Grawe,1 F. Nowacki,5 K. Sieja,1 S. Pietri,6,† D. Rudolph,7 Zs. Podolyák,6 P. H. Regan,6 E. Werner-Malento,4,‡ P. Detistov,8,§ S. Lalkovski,8,9 V. Modamio,2 J. Walker,2 K. Andgren,10 P. Bednarczyk,1,11 J. Benlliure,12 G. Benzoni,13 A. M. Bruce,9 E. Casarejos,12 B. Cederwall,10 F. C. L. Crespi,13(More)
16S27 L. Gaudefroy,* J.M. Daugas, M. Hass, S. Grévy, Ch. Stodel, J. C. Thomas, L. Perrot, M. Girod, B. Rossé, J. C. Angélique, D. L. Balabanski, E. Fiori, C. Force, G. Georgiev, D. Kameda, V. Kumar, R. L. Lozeva, I. Matea, V. Méot, P. Morel, B. S. Nara Singh, F. Nowacki, and G. Simpson CEA, DAM, DIF, F-91297 Arpajon, France The Weizmann Institute, 76100(More)
The nucleus 49Sc, having a single f(7/2) proton outside doubly magic 48Ca (Z=20, N=28), is one of the very few isotopes which makes possible testing of the fundamental theory of nuclear magnetism. The magnetic moment has been measured by online β NMR of nuclei oriented at milli-Kelvin temperatures to be (+)5.616(25)  μ(N). The result is discussed in terms(More)
The β-decay half-lives of 110 neutron-rich isotopes of the elements from _{37}Rb to _{50}Sn were measured at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory. The 40 new half-lives follow robust systematics and highlight the persistence of shell effects. The new data have direct implications for r-process calculations and reinforce the notion that the second (A≈130)(More)
The gamma decay of excited states in the waiting-point nucleus (130)Cd(82) has been observed for the first time. An 8(+) two-quasiparticle isomer has been populated both in the fragmentation of a (136)Xe beam as well as in projectile fission of 238U, making (130)Cd the most neutron-rich N = 82 isotone for which information about excited states is available.(More)