Gladys Harrison

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OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of aromatase inhibitors in women symptomatic of pain with endometriosis. DESIGN A systematic review of published literature. MATERIAL AND METHODS We conducted a comprehensive literature search to identify all the published observational and randomised studies evaluating the efficacy of aromatase inhibitors on pain(More)
Although clinically important, the lumbar epidural space is inconsistently described in textbooks of both anatomy and anaesthetics. This anatomical study of twelve cadavers was performed in an attempt to clarify the description of this region. The dura mater, which possesses a midline fold in a very few cases, is apposed to the walls of the vertebral canal,(More)
BACKGROUND At present, there is no rapid method for determining the plasma concentration of i.v. anaesthetics. A solution might be the measurement of the anaesthetic concentration in expired breath and its relation to the plasma concentration. We used chemical ionization methods to determine whether an i.v. anaesthetic can be detected in the low(More)
Two resin injection studies of the lumbar extradural space were performed to elucidate its size and shape. To counteract the lack of cerebrospinal fluid pressure in the cadaver, the subarachnoid space was filled with water. In group 1, the extradural injection of resin caused an immediate increase in subarachnoid pressure. The casts produced varied in(More)
The lumbar epidural region was studied using computerized tomography. This technique allows examination of the region in vivo. It confirmed that the spinal canal is oval in the upper lumbar region, becoming triangular lower down, and that the ligamenta flava form a posterior recess to the vertebral canal. Epidural fat is confined to this region between the(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper discusses linear algebra as applied to human posture in chiropractic, specifically chiropractic biophysics technique (CBP). MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS Rotations, reflections and translations are geometric functions studied in vector spaces in linear algebra. These mathematical functions are termed rigid body transformations and are applied(More)