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In this paper, we collect electrical signals emitted from the brain during its normal function, specifically from a single electrode placed over the frontal lobe of the brain, to provide an interface for communication without any physical movement. The systems intended audience includes stroke victims and people with paralysis and other advanced neurologic(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify effective strategies for marketing pharmacist-provided medication therapy management (MTM) services to patients in a self-insured employer setting. DESIGN Qualitative study. SETTING University of Pittsburgh during March through May 2008. PARTICIPANTS 26 university employees taking at least one chronic medication. INTERVENTION(More)
In this paper, an image-based non-obtrusive indoor navigation system for the visually impaired is presented. The system makes use of image processing algorithms to extract floor regions from images captured from a wearable eye-mounted heads-up display device. A prototype system called VirtualEyes is presented, where floor regions are analyzed to provide the(More)
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