Gladys Carrillo

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The production of high-quality open textbooks requires the collaboration of different contributors. This work conducts a comparative analysis of the six different collaborative platforms for the production of books. To be able to compare the platforms, several dimensions extracted from literature of collaborative writing and the requirements associated with(More)
Learning Object Repositories (LOR) has been usually implemented as traditional document stores. In this paper we explain the design of a Semantic Learning Repository that expand the concept of LORs to include linked information of entities not usually referred as Learning Objects, but necessary for the implementation of more advance e-learning systems. To(More)
There is a long tradition of the use of metadata stores in the educational setting. These stores usually present a mismatch problem between the structure of the metadata, usually some form of XML, and the structure of the repository itself, for example relational databases, or document-oriented stores. These mismatches lead to reduced functionality of the(More)
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