Glória da Conceição Mesquita Leitão

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Access to healthcare services is one of the important aspects of the Unified National Health System in Brazil, and the supply and management of such services is the responsibility of municipalities. This study focuses on difficulties faced by men with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in accessing appointments for treatment. This was a qualitative study(More)
UNLABELLED Case study with mothers of newborn babies submitted to phototherapy held in a maternity in Fortaleza, Brazil. The purpose was identifying the mother's beliefs and feelings before the treatment. The data were collected in an interview performed with two open questions about the mother's beliefs and feelings. The result was: 36.5% of the mothers(More)
This study describes the ongoing experience to reform the pedagogical project of the undergraduate nursing program from Federal University of Ceará, based on the curricular guidelines approved by CNE/CE,S in 2001. It exposes the process of compliance the professors and students had to go through in order to abide by the proposal introduced by LDB/96 (Basic(More)
This study reflects on the care provided by nurses during delivery. It aims at establishing a concept framework from Collière's principles, developing a reflection on the nursing care provided to the woman during delivery and offering subsidies to improve the quality of nursing care. Its importance derives from the woman's condition as a human being upon(More)
18572 Background: Head and neck cancer (HNC) is a stigmatizing disease. In order to identify special needs in these patients (pts), we evaluated HRQoL and the demographic characteristics of HNC pts who had survived at least one year after chemoradiation. METHODS Our survey, done in may 2005, identified 42 pts alive (from 527 admitted from May 2002 to May(More)
Nurses often adopt a mechanist view, perceiving the individual from a biological standpoint and giving little attention to psychological, historical and cultural aspects. This evidences the need for a more humane approach, in which the communication between nurses and health service users can be achieved with more comprehension and participation. The aim of(More)
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