Gláucia Maria Machado-Santelli

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The genotoxic effects of X-ray emitted during dental panoramic radiography were evaluated in exfoliated cells from oral epithelium through a differentiated protocol of the micronucleus test.(More)
In eukaryotes, pre-rRNA processing depends on a large number of nonribosomal trans-acting factors that form large and intriguingly organized complexes. A novel nucleolar protein, Nop53p, was isolated(More)
The effect of daily ingestion of collagen hydrolysate (CH) on skin extracellular matrix proteins was investigated. Four-week-old male Wistar rats were fed a modified AIN-93 diet containing 12% casein(More)
The Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome protein (SBDS) is a member of a highly conserved protein family of not well understood function, with putative orthologues found in different organisms ranging(More)