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Since leukaemia-specific leucocyte antigen has not been identified to date, the immunological diagnosis of leukaemia is achieved through the application of a wide set of monoclonal antibodies specific for surface markers on leukaemic cells. Thus, the interpretation of leukaemia immunophenotype seems to be a mathematically determined comparison of 'what we(More)
The photometric latex test (PLT) for the detection of rheumatoid factors has been clinically evaluated. PLT titers have been closely studied in relation to clinical and laboratory parameters by means of parametric and nonparametric statistical methods. An analysis of the sensitized sheep cell test (SSC) titers has also been undertaken. The subjects(More)
Internet is one of information technologies marking the transition from the second to the third millennium. The present role and expansion of Internet in medicine and healthcare is reviewed together with the perspective of further development. The beginning and initial expansion of the use of Internet in medicine are described. The World Wide Web (WWW or(More)
Medical decision making based on inductive learning has been studied in order to collect experience necessary for practical use of such methods in clinical and epidemiological work. The decision trees have been constructed by using the modified Quinlan's approach based on choosing relevant attributes according to their informativity. An inductive learning(More)
The status of medical informatics, a comparatively new biomedical discipline beginning to develop in the second half of the 20th century, is described at the transition into the 21st century. The appearance of new information and communication technologies, among which Internet nas special importance, was a major impulse to the development of medical(More)