Gjergji Shore

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An effective multi-component reaction (MCR) protocol has been developed for the construction of propargyl amines from aldehydes, amines and terminal alkynes by using microwave-assisted continuous-flow organic synthesis (MACOS). The process is catalysed by thin films of either copper or gold that achieve temperatures in excess of 900 degrees C when(More)
E. Gjuraj, R. Kongoli, and G. Shore* Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Tirana University, Bulevardi “Zogu I” No 1, Tirane, Albania Department of Agro-Food Biotechnology, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food, Agricultural University of Tirana MikroEn Solutions, 3590 Kaneff Crescent, L5A 3X3, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada / Institute(More)
Methodology has been developed for laying down a thin gold-on-silver film on the inner surface of glass capillaries for the purpose of catalysing benzannulation reactions. The cycloaddition precursors are flowed through these capillaries while the metal film is being heated to high temperatures using microwave irradiation. The transformation can be(More)
Thin Pd films have been deposited on the inside of capillary-sized tubes through which compounds undergoing Diels-Alder reactions have been flowed while being heated with microwave irradiation; dramatic rate accelerations are observed in the presence of the film, which has been shown to play both a heating and catalytic role.
A method has been devised for the microwave-assisted, continuous-flow preparation of indole alkaloids by a two-step aryl amination/cross-coupling sequence of bromoalkenes and 2-bromoanilines. This process requires both the presence of a metal-lined flow tube (a 1180 micron capillary) and the Pd PEPPSI-IPr catalyst; without either, the catalyst or the film,(More)
Thin gold films on the surface of glass capillaries have proven to be highly active catalysts for the rapid hydrosilylation of alkynes that are flowed through the reactor while being heated by microwave irradiation. The films are able to be reused at least five times with no loss of activity and with no detectable levels of gold showing up in the(More)
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