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In this paper, the synthesis of core-shell particles (i.e. temperature-sensitive ferrite (TSF) covered with silica) has been investigated. At first, TSF (mean diameter of 10 nm) was prepared by the coprecipitation method in an alkaline solution. Then, silica coating on the TSF surface was carried out by the controlled hydrolysis and condensation of(More)
In order to develop an effective recycling system for obsolete Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs), which would enable both the leaching of indium (In) and the recovery of a pure glass fraction for recycling, an effective liberation or size-reduction method would be an important pre-treatment step. Therefore, in this study, two different types of liberation(More)
The direct measurement of fine particles size distribution of dispersions or coagulations in liquid is important for water purification, fine particles separation for recycling and mineral processing, as well as the new material production. The nano to micro particle size is usually measured by light scattering method; however, it is difficult to measure at(More)
An innovative Pt-free counter electrode was developed through which an electrolyte solution could be circulated in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) to facilitate mass transfer, resulting in greatly suppressed charge recombination and a considerably enhanced electron lifetime, and accordingly much higher power conversion efficiency than a DSC with a(More)
In order to recycle bottom ash and use it as raw material for cement production, the removal of insoluble chloride was investigated by testing various washing techniques. The present work is also focused on investigating the properties of insoluble chlorides and determining the conditions for dissolving these compounds in order to reduce the chlorine(More)
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) from discarded personal computer (PC) and hard disk drive were crushed by explosion in water or mechanical comminution in order to disintegrate the attached parts. More parts were stripped from PCB of PC, composed of epoxy resin; than from PCB of household appliance, composed of phenol resin. In an attempt to raise the copper(More)
Understanding the interaction mechanism between polymeric flocculants and solid particles in two oppositely charged solutions: bentonite and calcium fluoride, is of great practical and fundamental importance. In this work, inorganic flocculants based on aluminum(III) or iron(III); cationic, anionic and non-ionic organic flocculants were used. The solution(More)
Carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions are a leading contributor to the negative effects of global warming. Globally, research has focused on effective means of reducing and mitigating CO₂ emissions. In this study, we examined the efficacy of eco-industrial parks (EIPs) and accelerated mineral carbonation techniques in reducing CO₂ emissions in South Korea. First,(More)
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