Gizella Liszkai

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The authors review the history of atrial fibrillation, the most frequent clinically observed cardiac arrhythmia. A French "clinicopathologist", Jean Baptist de Sénac (1693-1770), was the first who assumed a correlation between "rebellious palpitation" and a stenosis of the mitral valve. From an analysis of simultaneously recorded arterial and venous(More)
A case of quinidine-induced syncope with prevailing neurological symptoms is reported in which the transient right-sided hemiparesis and fluctuating soporific state was induced by recurrent torsades de pointes ventricular tachycardias. In connection with this case, attention is paid to the difficulties of differential diagnosis and to the consideration of(More)
A review is provided of the present state of knowledge relating to the cardiac electrophysiological effects of adenosine at ion channel and clinical levels. It is emphasized that intravenous adenosine is highly effective in terminating sinus node, atrioventricular (AV) nodal and AV-reciprocating reentrant tachycardias. In the course of an account of the(More)
A review is presented at the main causes of the change in paradigm that has occurred in the past 10 years in antiarrhythmic pharmacotherapy. The new attitude is ascribed to (1) the advances made in the application of non-pharmacological therapeutic modalities (radiofrequency catheter ablation, implantable antiarrhythmic devices), (2) the modification of(More)
The authors review the rapidly expanding knowledge relating to the arrhythmogenic (torsadogenic) effects of non-antiarrhythmic drugs that lengthen ventricular repolarization (i.e. the duration of electrocardiographic QT interval). After outlining the ECG characteristics and electrophysiological mechanism of drug-induced long-QT syndrome and torsades de(More)
Elective versus therapeutic lymph node dissection has been a controversial field of the surgical treatment of cutaneous malignant melanoma for more than two decades. The identification and biopsy of the sentinel lymph node in different solid malignancies has become feasible by the method described by Morton in 1992. The sentinel lymph node is the first(More)