Giuseppina Tindara Pagano

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Deslorelin acetate is a GnRH agonist used for contraception in dogs. This study aimed to evaluate the treatment of pre-pubertal female dogs with deslorelin acetate implants, to better investigate the primary stimulatory effect of the drug and the long-term effects on the genital tract, throughout repeated treatments. Sicilian hound female dogs (24) were(More)
OBJECTIVE Nutritional management influences immediate survival as well as subsequent growth and development of low birth weight and very low birth weight infants. Preterm infant formula (PTF) is used when there is an inadequate supply of mother's milk or when the mother is unable to breastfeed and donor breast milk is unavailable. The purpose of this(More)
Certain congenital cardiac defects may go undetected for several years due to lack of symptoms and signs.Ventricular septal defects can occur as part of more congenital cardiac malformations or as an isolate finding. The natural history of ventricular septal defects depends on the size of the defect and on the pulmonary resistance. We present a case of the(More)
Dual atrioventricular nodal physiology has been reported. Atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia is the most common supraventricular tachycardia associated with dual atrioventricular nodal physiology. We present a case of dual atrioventricular nodal physiology in a 12-year-old Italian boy.
Discrete subvalvar aortic stenosis is a variable and progressive disease. Recurrent obstruction may reappear despite the adequacy of surgical excision. Aortic regurgitation is associated with numerous eponymous signs, it is also a complication of discrete subvalvar aortic stenosis and its detection often triggers referral for surgery. It has also been(More)
Pulmonary stenosis comprises variable pathologic features from the right ventricular outflow tract to the peripheral pulmonary arteries. Most frequently, the obstruction occurs at the level of the pulmonary valve; however, it occurs less frequently at the infindibular level. It can occur as part of more congenital cardiac malformations such as tetralogy of(More)
The geometric and hemodynamic determinants of functional tricuspid regurgitation severity are mainly determined by septal leaflet tethering, septal-lateral annular dilatation, and the severity of pulmonary hypertension. Isolated significant tricuspid regurgitation can occur from isolated prolapse of valvar leaflets. Tricuspid prolapse has been found more(More)
Aesthetic nasal surgery has progressed in the last years, as concerning both surgical techniques and surgical instruments, which allowed the finding of new and more sophisticated surgical solutions. Clinical practice led to observe sometimes functional surgical failures, due rather than an inaccurate surgical technique, to an incomplete diagnostic approach(More)
The diagnostic accuracy of sonography in pelvic pathology is assessed in the case in which the operator is aware of the clinical report. Results attribute in absolute terms more effectiveness to sonography than to the clinical examination but it must, in any case, be considered as an extension of the gynaecological examination and not a replacement of the(More)