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We performed this study with the aims of describing the trend of asthma-related mortality in Italy between 1980 and 1994, and to evaluate the relationship between sale estimates of β2-agonists drugs and mortality from asthma. For asthma mortality we used data provided by National Institute of Statistics, for sale estimates of β2-agonists we used data(More)
The paper describes a highly space-resolved characterization of the surface mechanical properties of the posterior human corneal layer (Descemet's membrane). This has been accomplished with Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) nano-indentation by using a probe with a sharp tip geometry. Results indicate that the contact with this biological tissue in liquid occurs(More)
s of Posters EXTRACTIVE BIOCATALYSIS IN A TWO-LIQUID-PHASE SYSTEM WITH PLANT CELL SUSPENSIONS Lucilla Bassetti, Johannes Tramper Extractive fermentation is a technique used to reduce end product inhibition by removing the fermentation products in situ. The extraction can be performed by using an organic/aqueous two-phase system if the organic phase(More)
In this paper, we deal with anisotropy in an idealized granular material made of a collection of frictional, elastic, contacting particles. We present a theoretical analysis for an aggregate of particles isotropically compressed and then sheared, in which two possible contacts laws between particles are considered: a linear contact law, where the contact(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the adhesive and stiffness properties of prestripped Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK) lenticules in different preservation conditions (with and without dextran). METHODS The study included 3 conditions: (C1) tissues collected from tissue culture media (TCM), stripped and preserved in TCM; (C2) tissues collected from(More)
We investigate the loading and unloading behavior of soft solids in adhesive contact with randomly rough profiles. The roughness is assumed to be described by a self-affine fractal on a limited range of wave vectors. A spectral method is exploited to generate such randomly rough surfaces. The results are statistically averaged, and the calculated contact(More)
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