Giuseppina Parodo

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BACKGROUND Nasal lobular capillary hemangioma (LCH) is a benign lesion of unknown etiology that must be included in the differential diagnosis of vascular lesions. Based on a large cohort of LCH patients, we retrospectively analyzed the clinical presentation, histological and radiological findings, and the treatment strategy. METHODS Clinical records of(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Determination of hepatic iron concentration is crucial in the evaluation of iron-storage disease. Iron content is normally determined in a part of a needle liver biopsy and the value obtained is considered to be representative of the iron concentration in the whole liver. To evaluate the reliability of this procedure, we studied iron(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Recent studies reported the feasibility of intraoperative lymphatic mapping in women with endometrial cancer but none of these studies compared the sentinel lymph nodes (SLNs) detection rates obtainable through laparoscopy or laparotomy. The purpose of this study was to address this issue. METHODS Thirty-four patients with(More)
The diagnosis rate of deep pelvic endometriosis is increasing. Endometrial stromal sarcoma (ESS) is a rare neoplasm. Extragenital ESS is an extremely uncommon event. Very few cases of extragenital ESS have been reported to date. The diagnosis of this entity is very difficult in some instances. Knowledge about its management is also limited. In this paper,(More)
OBJECTIVE Carcinoma cuniculatum is a rare variant of low-grade squamous cell carcinoma. We report the second case of carcinoma cuniculatum of the larynx in the literature. METHOD Case report and review of the world literature concerning carcinoma cuniculatum of the larynx and upper aerodigestive tract. RESULTS A histologically proven carcinoma(More)
The influence of gamma-amino-beta-hydroxy butyric acid (GABOB) treatment on pituitary function has been investigated in this study. Different doses (50 x 100 mg) of GABOB were iv injected into three and six normal women, respectively. PRL and GH plasma levels were measured before and after the injection. The treatment with 150 mg GABOB, performed in another(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Determination of hepatic copper concentration is important in the diagnosis of Wilson's disease. We studied copper distribution in the cirrhotic liver of a patient who died of Wilson's disease. METHODS A liver slice extending from the left to the right lobe was divided into 38 samples. Each sample was analyzed for copper content by Induced(More)
A case of hyalinizing clear cell carcinoma (HCCC) of the minor salivary glands of the oral cavity is reported. A 52- year-old woman presented with a growing mass at the base of the tongue. The patient underwent complete resection of the tumour. The histological picture was characterized by trabeculae or solid nests of proliferating cells with a clear(More)