Giuseppina Gagliardi

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Imidazolium trans-imidazoledimethylsulphoxidetetrachlororuthenate ImH[trans-RuCl4 (DMSO)Im] (NAMI-A), a ruthenium compound that replaces Na+ with ImH+ in the molecule of Na[trans-RuCl4 (DMSO)Im] (NAMI), was studied for the anti-metastasis effects in models of solid metastasizing tumours of the mouse. NAMI-A, given i.p. at 35 mg/kg/day for six consecutive(More)
In a previous study of prevalidation, a standard operating procedure (SOP) for two independent in vitro tests (human and mouse) had been developed, to evaluate the potential hematotoxicity of xenobiotics from their direct and the adverse effects on granulocyte-macrophages (CFU-GM). A predictive model to calculate the human maximum tolerated dose (MTD) was(More)
This report describes an international prevalidation study conducted to optimise the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for detecting myelosuppressive agents by CFU-GM assay and to study a model for predicting (by means of this in vitro hematopoietic assay) the acute xenobiotic exposure levels that cause maximum tolerated decreases in absolute neutrophil(More)
The Authors have explored a new complementary approach, employed in the last 40 years for, among other uses, medical purposes: oxygen-ozone therapy. Anecdotal works have highlighted interesting results obtained in disk herniation with infiltration of paravertebral muscles with oxygen-ozone. To verify the existence of a nociceptive effect and investigate a(More)
The principle aim of the present work is the evaluation of the importance of the variable "depth" of needle insertion in the determination of acupuncture's therapeutic results. A randomized clinical trial carried out on 44 patients belonging to two groups of 22 each, suffering from shoulder myofascial pain: group A: superficial acupuncture; group B: deep(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to study the effect of pre-treatment with parachlorophenylalanine (PCPA) and posttreatment with naloxone on the modulating action on neurogenic inflammation of manual acupuncture and low intensity (5 mAmp), low frequency (5 Hz) electroacupuncture (EA). METHODS Edema was induced by the subcutaneous administration of 50(More)
Neurogenic inflammation, includes vasodilation, the increase of vasal permeability and edema due to the release of neuromediators from nerve endings. A modulation of the release of neurotransmitters, from nerve endings and neurogenic inflammation related phenomena, was observed with the administration of drugs or of neurotransmitters inhibiting the release(More)
Placebo can be defined as "the idea of recovery." It represents the natural impulse toward recovery that is catalyzed by treatment or even simply by the idea of treatment. Therefore, placebo is not an "active" treatment; it is used in scientific research to discriminate between the actual effect of a drug or therapeutic technique and the result of chance or(More)
OBJECTIVES Elevation of serum gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT), in absence of a clinically significant liver damage, is often found in Myotonic Dystrophy type-1 (DM1). In this study we investigated if a specific GGT fraction pattern is present in DM1. DESIGNS AND METHODS We compared total and fractional GGT values (b-, m-, s-, f-GGT) among patients with(More)
Stimulation of the auricle is considered to be an effective analgesic technique. The aim of the present study is to establish whether there is a correspondence between somatic inflammation and the appearance of lower resistance points, and moreover, whether the stimulation of such points has an analgesic effect. The study has been conducted on 57 male(More)