Giuseppea La Rocca

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Optical manipulation of entanglement harnessing the frequency degree of freedom is important for encoding of quantum information. We here devise a phase-resonant excitation mechanism of an atomic interface where full control of a narrowband single-photon two-mode frequency entangled state can be efficiently achieved. We illustrate the working physical(More)
This paper reviews literature about intraorbital ophthalmic artery aneurysms discussing presentation, aetiology and treatment options. In addition we report on a case of intraorbital ophthalmic artery aneurysm with acute onset of headache, visual loss and right eye ophthalmoplegia.
In optical experiments one-sided reflectionless (ORL) and coherent perfect absorption (CPA) are unusual scattering properties yet fascinating for their fundamental aspects and for their practical interest. Although these two concepts have so far remained separated from each other, we prove that the two phenomena are indeed strictly connected. We show that a(More)
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