Giuseppe Zito

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BACKGROUND Co-speech gestures are part of nonverbal communication during conversations. They either support the verbal message or provide the interlocutor with additional information. Furthermore, they prompt as nonverbal cues the cooperative process of turn taking. In the present study, we investigated the influence of co-speech gestures on the perception(More)
The human turn-taking system regulates the smooth and precise exchange of speaking turns during face-to-face interaction. Recent studies investigated the processing of ongoing turns during conversation by measuring the eye movements of noninvolved observers. The findings suggest that humans shift their gaze in anticipation to the next speaker before the(More)
Cellular Automata, a computational science branch used for the modeling and simulation of complex systems, are parallel computing models which are continuously gaining attention from the Scientific Community for their potentiality and efficiency. This work presents the application of libAuToti, an open-source parallel library for implementing models based(More)
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