Giuseppe Vecchi

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The authors have analyzed retrospectively a series of 288 consecutive patients with severe head injury observed between January, 1977, and May, 1980. Seventy-three patients were excluded as not being compatible with those of the International Data Bank. The remaining 215 patients complied with the definition of coma given by Jennett. All patients, after(More)
We derive general conditions for 100% frequency conversion in any doubly resonant nonlinear cavity, for both second-and third-harmonic generation via χ (2) and χ (3) nonlinearities. We find that conversion efficiency is optimized for a certain " critical " power depending on the cavity parameters, and assuming reasonable parameters we predict 100%(More)
The crucial physics issues related to fusion burning plasmas and potential fusion reactors can only be studied in a dedicated plasma experiment that is designed to attain ignition conditions. The Ignitor experiment takes a conservative approach to the near term study of the physics of igniting plasmas, using an optimal combination of compact dimensions and(More)
We describe a compact modulator based on a photonic crystal nanocavity whose resonance is electrically controlled through an integrated p-in junction. The sub-micron size of the nanocavity promises very low capacitance, high bandwidth, and efficient on-chip integration in optical interconnects. Highly efficient multi-channel drop filter in a two-dimensional(More)
This paper deals with a multiresolution approach to the finite-element solution of the Electric Field Integral Equation (EF IE) formulation of the boundary value problem for Maxwell equations. After defining a multiresolution set of discretized spaces, each of them is first separated into solenoidal and non-solenoidal complementary spaces. The possibility(More)
Enhanced third harmonic (TH) generation from Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) planar waveguides as well as SOI photonic crystal (PhC) slabs is studied in different angular configurations, both in the visible and infrared energy ranges. In the SOI planar waveguide, the multilayer structure causes the optical properties such as TH reflection to be different from(More)
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