Giuseppe Vacca

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We use WMAP5 and other cosmological data to constrain model parameters in quintessence cosmologies, focusing also on their shift when we allow for non–vanishing neutrino masses. The Ratra–Peebles (RP) and SUGRA potentials are used here, as examples of slowly or fastly varying state parameter w(a). Both potentials depend on an energy scale Λ. Here we confirm(More)
When CMB data are used to derive cosmological parameters, their very choice does matter: some parameter values can be biased if the parameter space does not cover the “true” model. This is a problem, because of the difficulty to I.N.F.N., sez. Milano–Bicocca, Piazza della Scienza 3, 20126 Milano, Italy Physics Dep. G. Occhialini, Milano–Bicocca University,(More)
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