Giuseppe Traversa

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OBJECTIVE To estimate the risk of acute hepatotoxicity associated with nimesulide compared with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. DESIGN Retrospective cohort and nested case-control study. SETTING Umbria region, Italy. PARTICIPANTS 400 000 current, recent, and past users (almost 2 million prescriptions) of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory(More)
In some cases of drug therapy, the available evidence might be sufficient to extend the indications to children without further clinical studies. We reviewed the available evidence for one of the categories of drugs most frequently used off-label in children: proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) used for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). A(More)
Sir: In 1999, Professor Ernst published a systematic review on the use of complementary alternative medicine (CAM) among children [1]. Recently, in Italy, a large survey (60,000 families, approximately 180,000 individuals, of whom 20,219 were children) on ‘‘Health Conditions and Health Service Utilisation’’ was concluded. Face-to-face interview through a(More)
A temporal relationship between the increasing use of antibiotics and the increasing levels of antibiotic resistance has been established for Streptococcus pneumoniae. There are also data that support the presence of a geographic correlation between the level of resistance and the pattern of use among different countries and even within the same country.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the risk of upper gastrointestinal complications (UGIC) associated with drug use in the paediatric population. METHODS This study is part of a large Italian prospective multicentre study. The study population included children hospitalised for acute conditions through the emergency departments of eight clinical centres. Patients(More)
INTRODUCTION In this drug utilization study, we aimed at assessing the pattern of triptan use in Italy by means of the drug prescription databases of two local health authorities, accounting for approximately 1 million citizens. METHODS The study population included all residents aged 18 to 84 years in the Vercelli province (about 175,000 inhabitants) and(More)
Drug use in Italy in the period 1983–1991 has been analysed. The twenty most used substances accounted for about 20% of the sold packages. The effect of marketing of new drugs is worth noting: new and more expensive drugs are preferred even when effective, safe and less expensive alternatives are available. Prescribers have to face a highly dynamic(More)
Recommendations are made for controlling the transmission of the hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses from healthcare workers to patients. These recommendations were based both on the literature and on experts' opinions, obtained during a Consensus Conference. The quality of the published information and of the experts' opinions was classified into 6 levels,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the occurrence of acute leukemia in relation to preceding use of drugs a case-control study has been carried out in Rome, Italy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Two hundred and two patients (age >15 years) with a diagnosis of acute leukemia during the period July 1992-June 1994 were enrolled. For each patient, 10 controls matched by age and gender(More)
Although the etiologic relation between nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID) use and gastrointestinal lesions is well documented, newly introduced NSAIDs deserve a fresh examination for their risk/benefit ratio. To estimate the association between consumption of ketorolac and the occurrence of gastroduodenal lesions, we conducted a case-control study.(More)