Giuseppe Surace

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In networking systems today data rates are increasing beyond 15Gb/s and yet the installed backplanes are made of low cost materials with losses in excess of 30dB at 7.5GHz. Standards, such as IEEE802.3ap-10GBASE-KR and OIF-CEI25G, are specifying SerDes requirements for channels with 25dB loss at Nyquist and this has driven the development of SerDes with 4(More)
The continuing demand for higher bandwidth in serial interconnects has pushed the symbol rate of differential lanes into the high-insertion-loss region of channels. Multi-level signaling such as differential PAM-4 [1] has been used to mitigate the loss of electrical channels by lowering the signal spectrum. Such an approach suffers from lower SNR tolerance(More)
High-speed signaling over package substrates is key to delivering the promise of 2.5D integration. Applications abound and include high-density memory interfaces, sub-division of large dies to increase yield and lower development time, sub-division of a die to achieve upward or downward scalability, or connecting to an off-chip SerDes or optics engine. Each(More)
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