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Flexible packaging structures for high pressure treatments
Abstract This paper reviews the possible effects determined on polymeric food packaging films by the simultaneous application of pressure (P) and temperature (T) in high pressure pasteurization andExpand
Combining gravimetric and vibrational spectroscopy measurements to quantify first- and second-shell hydration layers in polyimides with different molecular architectures.
A method has been devised to quantify the water concentration in the two hydration layers, based on a combination of spectroscopic and gravimetric data, that demonstrated that the relative population of these species is a function of the total water content in the system. Expand
Thermodynamics of water sorption in poly(ɛ-caprolactone): A comparative analysis of lattice fluid models including hydrogen bond contributions
Abstract Thermodynamics of water sorption in poly(ɛ-caprolactone) (PCL) has been interpreted by using three models based on compressible lattice fluid theories, addressing the issue of self- andExpand
Role of polymer network and gelation kinetics on the mechanical properties and adsorption capacity of chitosan hydrogels for dye removal
Chitosan (CS) hydrogels are receiving growing attention as adsorbents for water purification purposes. The conditions of preparation of this class of materials play a crucial in the determination ofExpand
Hybridization of Nafion membranes by the infusion of functionalized siloxane precursors
Abstract Polysiloxane-modified hybrid membranes were prepared by introducing in a pre-swelled commercial Nafion membrane a sol–gel precursor solution, consisting of a pre-hydrolyzed mixture ofExpand
Tailoring assembly of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets to control gas barrier properties of natural rubber nanocomposites.
Self-assembling of reduced graphene oxide platelets, as a tailored interconnected network within a natural rubber matrix, is proposed as a mean for obtaining nanocomposites with improved gas barrier,Expand
Time-resolved Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, gravimetry, and thermodynamic modeling for a molecular level description of water sorption in poly(ε-caprolactone).
Sorption of water in poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL), with specific focus on the hydrogen-bonding interactions, has been analyzed by combining ab initio calculations, macroscopic thermodynamics modeling,Expand
Water Sorption Thermodynamics in Glassy and Rubbery Polymers: Modeling the Interactional Issues Emerging from FTIR Spectroscopy
Water sorption thermodynamics has been effectively investigated in rubbery and glassy polymers using, respectively, an equilibrium lattice fluid model, originally introduced by Panayiotou et al.Expand
Delamination onset and design criteria of multilayer flexible packaging under high pressure treatments
Abstract Delamination phenomena frequently occur when multi-layer flexible polymeric films are employed for high pressure treatments of food packaging for pasteurization and sterilization purposes,Expand
Local Structure and Dynamics of Water Absorbed in Poly(ether imide): A Hydrogen Bonding Anatomy.
The population of the different water species was evaluated spectroscopically, and a remarkable agreement with theoretical predictions was found, finding that, among the possible configurations, some are strongly prevailing. Expand