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Foreign-born scientists: mobility patterns for 16 countries
A cross-country survey of research scientists in 16 countries finds considerable variation in immigration and emigration patterns.
Internal and external factors in innovation persistence
This paper contributes to the analysis of the persistence of innovation activities, as measured by total factor productivity (TFP), and explores its internal and external determinants stressing its
Changing Incentives to Publish
The decline in the relative performance of the United States relates to increased international competition engendered by newly adopted incentives that have crowded out some work by U.S. authors.
Firm innovation persistence: a fresh look at the frameworks of analysis
This paper introduces the special issue on innovation persistence. It delineates three complementary theoretical frameworks assessing drivers and implications of innovation persistence: ‘knowledge
Foreign Born Scientists: Mobility Patterns for Sixteen Countries
We report results from the first systematic study of the mobility of scientists engaged in research in a large number of countries. Data were collected from 17,182 respondents using a web-based
Patents, firm size and financial constraints: an empirical analysis for a panel of Italian manufacturing firms.
The paper empirically investigates the issue of financial constraints to investment, focusing on its relationship with innovation activities. The study is based on the analysis of a cross-industries
Academic research, technological specialization and the innovation performance in European regions: an empirical analysis in the wireless sector
In this paper, we carry out an empirical analysis to test the existence of localized interrelations between academic research and private sector innovation performance. The analysis is based on