Giuseppe Santucci

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The SEWASIE (SEmantic Webs and AgentS in Integrated Economies) project aims at enabling a uniform access to heterogeneous data sources through an integrated ontology. The overall project development strictly follows a user-centred design methodology. Users have been involved from the very beginning and are constantly participating in the design and testing(More)
To appear in IEEE Transactions on Data and Knowledge Engineering, 1995-96 1Abstract We describe an approach for multiparadigmatic visual access to databases, which i s proposed to achieve seamless integration of different interaction paradigms. The user i s provided with an adaptive interface augmented by a user model, supporting different visual(More)
This article reports a unified methodology developed to evaluate the accessibility and usability of mobile computing applications, which is intended to guarantee universal access as far as possible. As a basis for the methodology, this paper presents an analysis of the accessibility guidelines, conducted to take into account the specificity of mobile(More)
During the past few years our research efforts have been inspired by two different needs. On one hand, the number of non-expert users accessing databases is growing apace. On the other, information systems will no longer be characterized by a single centralized architecture, but rather by several heterogeneous component systems. In order to address such(More)
We propose a framework for database querying providing the user with several interaction paradigms based on different (i.e., form-based, diagrammatic, iconic, and hybrid) visual representations of the database. A unified model, namely the Graph Model, is used as the common underlying model, in terms of which databases expressed in the most common data(More)