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BACKGROUND Specialist drug treatment is critical to overdose prevention; methadone maintenance is effective, but we lack evidence for other modalities. We evaluate the impact of a range of treatments for opiate dependence on overdose mortality. METHODS Prospective cohort study of 10,454 heroin users entering treatment 1998-2001 in Italy followed-up for(More)
OBJECTIVES to describe the overall and cause-specific mortality among heroin users attending Public Treatment Centers (PTCs) in Italy and to estimate the impact of heroin use on mortality in the general population. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS A cohort of 10,376 patients (8881 men and 1495 women) enrolled over a period of 18 months between september 1998 and(More)
Treatment is effective in reducing heroin use and clinical and social problems among heroin addicts. The effectiveness is related to the duration of treatment. "VEdeTTE" is an Italian longitudinal study funded by the Ministry of Health to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments provided by the National Health Services. The study involved 115 drug treatment(More)
The aim of this study was to provide a methodological overview of the study design of the national evaluation large-scale study VEdeTTE and a description of the VEdeTTE study population and to compare enrollments with refusals and the study population with the overall clients at the National Health System (NHS) treatment centers. VEdeTTE is a longitudinal(More)
European surveillance data on vertically acquired (VA) AIDS cases were used to investigate the incubation period of AIDS in the absence of widespread prophylactic treatment and to assess the uncertainty associated with parametric estimates based on retrospective data. Nonparametric and parametric analyses, taking into account the effects of data truncation,(More)
This paper describes the epidemiology of AIDS-associated non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region. Data, collected by the WHO Collaborating Centre on AIDS in Paris, France, were derived from the national AIDS surveillance systems of 21 countries. Among 53,042 cases reported as of the end of June 1991, 1,617 (3.0%)(More)
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