Giuseppe Romano

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Evidence is presented that hatching failure in Temora stylifera eggs can depend on poor sperm quality. Three dinoflagellate diets, Prorocentrum micans, Gymnodinium sanguinium, and Gonyaulax polyedra, significantly modified spermatophore production and reduced the fertilization capacity of male sperm after 6–12 d of continuous feeding. Two other diets, the(More)
The OPERA neutrino detector at the underground Gran Sasso Laboratory (LNGS) was designed to perform the first detection of neutrino oscillations in appearance mode, through the study of ν µ → ν τ oscillations. The apparatus consists of a lead/emulsion-film target complemented by electronic detectors. It is placed in the high-energy, long-baseline CERN to(More)
A novel approach for the time-resolved analysis of high-speed sequences of particle images is presented. The proposed method aims at the minimization of PIV errors in the lower velocity range by adjusting locally and dynamically the interframe time interval of the PIV pairs in a recorded high-speed sequence. The algorithm performs the operation on a local(More)
The NA57 experiment has been designed to study the onset of enhanced production of multi-strange baryons and anti-baryons in Pb-Pb collisions with respect to p-Be collisions. Such enhancement, first observed by experiment WA97, is considered as evidence for a phase transition to a new state of matter – the Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP). In this paper, we report(More)
Subjects with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) of the lower limbs are at high risk for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events and the prevalence of coronary artery disease in such patients is elevated. Recent studies have shown that regular use of cardiovascular medications, such as therapeutic and preventive agents for PAD patients, seems to be(More)
Measurements of the velocity field downstream of an artificial heart valve are performed by using particle image velocimetry (PIV) and particle tracking velocimetry (PTV). The investigated field corresponds to the region immediately downstream of the valve outlet i.e. the initial ascending part of the aorta. The aim of the paper is to investigate the(More)
In this work we compute the effective thermal conductivity of porous Si by means of the phonon Boltz-mann transport equation. Simulations of heat transport across aligned square pores reveal that the thermal conductivity can be decreased either by increasing the pore size or decreasing the pore spacing. Furthermore, by including the surface specularity(More)
From 3 to 6 November 2002, a colloquium was convened at the Benthos Laboratory of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn on Ischia, Italy, with the goal of evaluating the present status of the effects of diatoms on their main consumers, planktonic copepods, and to develop future research strategies to enhance our understanding of such interactions. These(More)
The OPERA experiment, designed to conclusively prove the existence of ν µ → ν τ oscillations in the atmospheric sector, makes use of a massive lead-nuclear emulsion target to observe the appearance of ν τ 's in the CNGS ν µ beam. The location and analysis of the neutrino interactions in quasi real-time required the development of fast computer-controlled(More)