Giuseppe Rocco Casale

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BACKGROUND Preliminary evidence suggests that palliative care may be useful for people with severe multiple sclerosis (MS). The aim of this study is to determine the effectiveness of a home-based palliative approach (HPA) for people with severe MS and their carers. METHODS/DESIGN This is a single-blind randomized controlled trial with a nested qualitative(More)
A study to quantify the UV exposure of vineyard workers was carried out using polysulphone dosimetry. The study took place in Tuscany (Italy) involving 32 vineyard workers, covering three different stages of the vine's growth. The level of personal exposure expressed as a function on the available ambient UV radiation was determined. We also assessed skin(More)
Within an epidemiological study regarding the correlation between skin pathologies and personal ultraviolet (UV) exposure due to solar radiation, 14 field campaigns using polysulphone (PS) dosemeters were carried out at three different Italian sites (urban, semi-rural and rural) in every season of the year. A polysulphone calibration curve for each field(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate whether systematic differences in solar UV exposure on a specific anatomical site (chest) exist among three groups of Italian sunbathers: healthy subjects (suntanned and non-suntanned individuals) and subjects affected by abnormally high sensitivity to solar exposure. A second aim of the study was to search for a(More)
Polysulphone (PS) dosimetry has been a widely used technique for more than 30 years to quantify the erythemally effective UV dose received by anatomic sites (personal exposure). The calibration of PS dosimeters is an important issue as their spectral response is different from the erythemal action spectrum. It is performed exposing a set of PS dosimeters on(More)
PURPOSE In recent years, the number of palliative service providers has increased significantly. This expansion necessitates an evaluation in order to provide the basis for quality improvement of the care. Policymakers, managers of palliative care programs, and others committed to the improvement of end-of-life care need methods and criteria to measure and(More)
Off-label prescription is part of routine care in palliative medicine, but no information is available about the situation in Italy. A cross-sectional observational survey was undertaken on all 66 Italian palliative care freestanding inpatient units to describe off-label prescriptions. Data were collected on 507 patients. Each prescribed drug was matched(More)
Since 1992 solar ultraviolet (UV) spectral irradiance (290-325 nm) has been measured at two Italian stations of Rome (urban site) and Ispra (semirural site) using Brewer spectrophotometry. The data collected under all sky conditions, are compared with the output of a sophisticated radiative transfer model (System for Transfer of Atmospheric Radiation--STAR(More)