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BACKGROUND This paper aimed to investigate cognitive rigidity and decision making impairments in patients diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa Restrictive type (AN-R), assessing also verbal components. METHODS Thirty patients with AN-R were compared with thirty age-matched healthy controls (HC). All participants completed a comprehensive neuropsychological(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity and binge eating disorder (BED) are prevalent conditions that severely affect the quality of life of many people in developed countries, but an effective treatment remains elusive. Personality traits have been studied extensively in this population, leading to different, and at times conflicting, results. Subtyping BED people along these(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated a population of outpatients with stable schizophrenia to analyze if relationships between patterns of symptomatology and quality of life (QOL) change during the time course of illness. METHODS We recruited 168 outpatients with stable schizophrenia, and we further divided our sample into 3 groups of patients (<or=36, 37-72,(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the ability to decode emotion in the auditory and audiovisual modality in a group of patients with schizophrenia, and to explore the role of cognition and psychopathology in affecting these emotion recognition abilities. Ninety-four outpatients in a stable phase and 51 healthy subjects were recruited. Patients were assessed(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals affected by severe Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are often heavy users of Mental Health Services (MHS). Short-term treatments currently used in BPD therapy are useful to target disruptive behaviors but they are less effective in reducing heavy MHS use. Therefore, alternative short-term treatments, less complex than long-term(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the relationship among insight, sociodemographic and clinical variables, symptoms and cognitive functions in a population of outpatients with stable schizophrenia, in order to identify possible contributing factors to awareness. METHOD Two-hundred and seventy-six consecutive outpatients with stable schizophrenia were(More)
Omega-3 fatty acids have received increasing interest due to their effects in stabilizing plasmatic membranes and regulating cell signaling. The efficacy of omega-3 fatty acids in psychiatric disorders, in particular mood disorders, has been studied. There have been two trials on eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA) in the treatment of(More)
PURPOSE The aims of the present study were to analyze outcome and to evaluate diagnosis-specific pattern of improvement during a brief hospitalization in a Psychiatric Emergency Service (PES) in a catchment area in Turin, Italy. METHODS A sample of 848 acute patients, consecutively hospitalized between January 2007 and December 2008 in the PES of the San(More)
PURPOSE This study investigated the relationships among insight, psychopathology, cognitive function, and competitive employment in order to determine whether insight and/or psychopathology carried the influence of cognitive function to competitive employment. METHODS We recruited 253 outpatients with stable schizophrenia and we further divided our sample(More)
BACKGROUND Given the current tendency to shorten psychiatric hospitalization and change its organization, an issue could be raised regarding its outcomes. PURPOSE To analyze features related to length of stay in a short-term inpatient treatment, to study outcomes and to evaluate the diagnosis-specific effects of hospitalization. METHOD A sample of 310(More)