Giuseppe Rocca

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The course of chronic hepatitis B was studied in 30 patients who had antibody to hepatitis e antigen and hepatitis B virus DNA in the serum and hepatitis B core antigen in the liver. Over a 2-year period, no patient experienced a sustained spontaneous remission of disease, and follow-up liver histology revealed worsening of the disease in four patients.(More)
Sixty-four heterosexual Italian carriers of HBsAg with chronic HBeAg and hepatitis B virus DNA-positive hepatitis were assigned randomly either to receive human lymphoblastoid interferon (injections of 5 million units per m2 three times per week for 6 months) or to serve as untreated controls. After 18 months of follow-up evaluation, 26 of the 33 treated(More)
BACKGROUND Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) confers a high risk of cholangiocarcinoma (CC) development. Since patients at risk of CC may be selected for early liver transplantation, it is a challenge to identify any predisposing factors. We compared the presentation and natural history of a large number of PSC patients with and without later CC(More)
Transcutaneous oxygen tension (tcPO2) measured with a heated electrode was compared with arterial oxygen tension (PaO2) in three groups of adult patients-group A: 20 patients with chronic respiratory disease; group B: eight hypothermic patents studied immediately after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery; and group C: 14 patients in an intensive care unit who(More)
The influence of steatosis and of other donor and recipient characteristics in affecting liver performance post-orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) was evaluated in 311 consecutive liver transplantations made in 278 patients. Donor variables considered were age, sex, blood group, cause of death, intensive care unit (ICU) days, need for vasopressors,(More)
Heavy alcohol consumption has been reported to negatively affect the outcome of interferon therapy. We studied the impact of lifetime alcohol consumption in patients with chronic hepatitis C treated with interferon after 6 months of alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol intake was measured when patients with chronic hepatitis C were referred to us for the first time,(More)
Colonoscopy is used in the differential diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease but its accuracy and the "weight" of the various endoscopic signs have not been assessed. In a prospective study 357 patients with 606 colonoscopies, in whom the endoscopic appearances were those of ulcerative colitis, Crohn's colitis, or indeterminate colitis, were followed-up(More)
To identify correlations between the distribution of hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes and demographic, pathological and virological parameters of HCV-infected patients, we prospectively recruited 650 patients with biopsy-proven chronic hepatitis C without histological aspects of cirrhosis; none had been treated with antiviral therapy. Data regarding(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS The lack of uniformity in defining the stigmata of hemorrhage in patients with bleeding ulcers is suggested by the wide range among published studies in prevalence and rebleeding rates for the same stigmata. Moreover there is, in published trials of endoscopic hemostasis, little standardization of definitions of stigmata of(More)
BACKGROUND Platelet and white blood cell counts decrease in chronic viral hepatitis patients treated with alpha interferon. AIM To analyse whether delta negative variations in platelets and white blood cells are influenced by type, dose and duration of alpha interferon treatment, we studied 340 consecutive patients (mean treatment 8 months, range 4-18(More)