Giuseppe Rizzo

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Microposts are small fragments of social media content and a popular medium for sharing facts, opinions and emotions. Collectively, they comprise a wealth of data that is increasing exponentially, and which therefore presents new challenges for the Information Extraction community, among others. This paper describes the Making Sense of Microposts(More)
The transitions, i.e. time intervals between two different behavioural states, were studied in 10 healthy and 10 growth retarded fetuses (IUGR) in near term pregnancies. In healthy fetuses, transitions usually lasted less than 3 min whereas IUGR fetuses showed a longer duration when compared to healthy fetuses. Moreover, a significant trend in the change of(More)
A scientific conference is a type of event where atten-dees have a tremendous activity on social media platforms. Participants tweet or post longer status messages, engage in discussions with comments, share slides and other media captured during the conference. This information can be used to generate informative reports of what is happening, where (which(More)
Fetal behavior was studied after intravenous administration of either 0.4 mg of naloxone or an equal volume of saline solution in 54 healthy pregnant women near term. The number, duration, and amplitude of fetal heart rate accelerations increased after naloxone injection. The incidence of both gross fetal body movements and fetal breathing movements(More)
In this paper we present Zenaminer, a software architecture for linking the SCORM standard to the Linked Open Data cloud. The main idea is to overcome some limitations of the SCORM Content Packaging standard, the most used standard for sharing e-learning contents, in order to migrate this material into the Web of Data. We analyze the design of a RESTful Web(More)
The purpose of this study was to test new 5D CNS+ software (Samsung Medison Co, Ltd, Seoul, Korea), which is designed to image axial, sagittal, and coronal planes of the fetal brain from volumes obtained by 3-dimensional sonography. The study consisted of 2 different steps. First in a prospective study, 3-dimensional fetal brain volumes were acquired in 183(More)
A longitudinal study was performed on 35 healthy fetuses in order to evaluate the developmental course of behavioural transitions during the last trimester of pregnancy. A progressive decrease in the duration of transitions as a function of gestational age was evidenced for both transitions from 1F to 2F and transitions from 2F to 1F. Concerning the(More)
A computerized system which simultaneously acquires and quantifies several ultrasonically detected fetal activities, including gross body movements, breathing movements, and eye movements, was developed in order to obtain additional quantitative data on fetal behaviour. Movements were automatically related to fetal heart rate allowing computation of their(More)