Giuseppe Puglisi

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The recent introduction of new technologies such as Luminex has provided alternative methods to the Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC) test for HLA specific antibody detection. In this study we compared the results obtained with CDC to those obtained using a Luminex method with the aim of evaluating the impact of this new technology on antibody(More)
AbstructIn this paper, we exploit the interferometric multifrequency potentiality of the SIR-CK-SAR system which is equipped with an L-, C-, and X-band sensor. We present a solution to improve the unwrapping performance of the Cand X-band data by considering the L-band unwrapped pattern. A new algorithm for the generation of a single digital elevation model(More)
Volcano observatories provide near real-time information and, ultimately, forecasts about volcano activity. For this reason, multiple physical and chemical parameters are continuously monitored. Here, we present a new method to efficiently estimate the location and evolution of magmatic sources based on a stream of real-time surface deformation data, such(More)
Acknowledgments The authors are indebted to P. Briole and G. Nunnari for their enthusiasm towards experimenting with GPS methodology on Mt. Etna since 1988 and for their work on making it a powerful tool for research and monitoring in volcanology. Sincere thanks are also due to Prof L. Villari for having started the ground deformation study on Sicilian(More)
We carry out a quantitative assessment of the accuracy of the advanced Differential SAR Interferometry (DInSAR) approach referred to as Small BAseline Subset (SBAS) in mapping deformation phenomena affecting active volcanic areas, by exploiting SAR data acquired by the “first” and “second” generation SAR sensors, and by comparing the achieved results with(More)
We propose a simple approach, based on the minimization of the total (entropic plus unfolding) energy of a two-state system, describing the stretch-induced unfolding of macromolecules (proteins, silks, nanopolymers, DNA/RNA). The model is fully analytical and enlightens the role of the different energetic components regulating the unfolding evolution. As an(More)
In this paper we show a new technique, based on the elastic theory, to efficiently produce an estimate of threedimensional surface displacement maps by integrating sparse Global Position System (GPS) measurements of deformations and Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR) maps of movements of the Earth’s surface. We propose a linear(More)