Giuseppe Puglisi

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Volcano observatories provide near real-time information and, ultimately, forecasts about volcano activity. For this reason, multiple physical and chemical parameters are continuously monitored. Here, we present a new method to efficiently estimate the location and evolution of magmatic sources based on a stream of real-time surface deformation data, such(More)
We propose a simple approach, based on the minimization of the total (entropic plus unfolding) energy of a two-state system, describing the stretch-induced unfolding of macromolecules (proteins, silks, nanopolymers, DNA/RNA). The model is fully analytical and enlightens the role of the different energetic components regulating the unfolding evolution. As an(More)
In the frame of the Italian Space Agency (ASI) Hyperspectral Space Mission PRISMA, the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia coordinates the scientific project ASI-AGI aimed to develop specific algorithms and products for geophysical applications. Data validation and calibration activities have been focused on active volcanic areas and three test(More)