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In this study we evaluated whether testosterone undecanoate (TU), alone or combined with low dose cyproterone acetate (CPA), can maintain spermatogenic suppression induced by higher doses of CPA plus TU. Twenty-four men received for 12 wk 20 mg/d CPA plus 1000 mg/6 wk TU and then 1000 mg/8 wk TU plus 20 mg/d CPA (n = 8), 2 mg/d CPA (n = 8), or plus placebo(More)
The goal of this study was to find the most favorable injection interval of norethisterone enanthate (NETE) plus testosterone undecanoate (TU) in terms of gonadotropin, sperm suppression, and prostatic effects. Fifty normal men were randomly assigned to receive NETE 200 mg plus TU 1000 mg every 8 wk (n = 10), every 12 wk (n = 10), every 6 wk for 12 wk and(More)
PURPOSE To investigate TAP1, TAP2, and HLA class I antigen expression in primary ovarian carcinoma lesions and to assess the clinical significance of defects in the expression of these molecules. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Fifty-one formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded primary ovarian carcinoma lesions were stained with affinity-purified rabbit anti-TAP1 and(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of selective and short-term sex hormone modifications on ghrelin levels in normal-weight eugonadal men undergoing hormonal contraceptive treatments. Seven men received an oral progestin [cyproterone acetate (CPA) or dienogest (DNG)] 10 mg/day for 3 weeks (CPA-DNG group), 7 CPA orally 5 mg/day in association(More)
Objective. To report on the use of laparoendoscopic single-site surgery (LESS) for the management of total hysterectomy (TH) with bilateral salpingoovariectomy (BSO) in a subject affected by gender identity disorder. Design. Case report. Setting. University Hospital. Patient(s). A 27-year-old affected by Gender Identity Disorder underwent a hysterectomy and(More)
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