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In the last years important improvements are developing in the European Union EU electrical systems: the process of electrical market liberalization, extended to all the customers, small and residential included, and a strong encouragement towards the energy saving and the installation of small renewable power sources. The actual distribution system for low(More)
An electrical distribution architecture has a vital impact on the performance of an installed system throughout its lifecycle. The architecture of an installation involves the configuration, the choice of power sources (utility and alternate power source), the definition of the different distribution levels, and the choice of equipment. Previous papers have(More)
Modeling of the electric system “architecture” aims to achieve performances of safety, maintenance, operation, and reliability. This paper discusses the criteria in designing special cases, such as roadway tunnels, that need a structured architecture complying with electrical loads extensively distributed and with installation requirements(More)
In electrical power systems, the fault frequently involves arcing and burning of wiring exposed to mechanical damage and other insulation stresses including wiring not fixed and connected by flexible cords and cables. IEC Standard 60364 ends the design of electric power systems at the outlets of branch circuits or at the fixed equipment. A complete design(More)
Maintenance personnel must take the clearing procedures, operating the necessary steps to assure that the system or portion of the system on which they plan to work is in an electrically safe working condition. The complexity of the electrical system normally determines the level of detail planning required for system clearing procedures. The clearing(More)
This paper presents a simplified model of arc fault that allows to analyze the dynamic behavior and to evaluate the RMS value of arcing fault current and the incident energy released by the electric arc. The study confirms previous results carried out in low voltage and medium voltage systems in different configurations, where the values of arcing fault(More)
  • G. Parise
  • 2013
The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) publication 60364-4-41 “Electrical installations of buildings” fifth edition offers a layout rationalized of complete protective measures against electric shock. To provide an overall analysis of the protection by automatic disconnection of supply, the author suggests a unified model for all(More)