Giuseppe Nicola Giordano

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BACKGROUND Although cannabis abuse (CA) is known to be associated with schizophrenia, the causal nature of this association is unclear, with prodromal effects complicating its interpretation. METHOD From Swedish national registry databases, we used a co-relative case-control design with full-sibling, half-sibling and first-cousin comparisons, alongside a(More)
Debate still surrounds which level of analysis (individual vs. contextual) is most appropriate to investigate the effects of social capital on health. Applying multilevel ecometric analyses to British Household Panel Survey data, we estimated fixed and random effects between five individual-, household- and small area-level social capital indicators and(More)
BACKGROUND The past decade has seen a vast increase in empirical research investigating associations between social capital and health outcomes. Literature reviews reveal 'generalized trust' and 'social participation' to be the most robust of the commonly used social capital proxies, both showing positive association with health outcomes. However, this(More)
BACKGROUND Social capital research has consistently shown positive associations between generalised trust and health outcomes over 2 decades. Longitudinal studies attempting to test causal relationships further support the theory that trust is an independent predictor of health. However, as the reverse causality hypothesis has yet to be empirically tested,(More)
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