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A fully digital system, improving measurements flexibility, integrator drift, and current control of superconducting transformers for cable test, is proposed. The system is based on a high-performance integration of Rogowski coil signal and a flexible direct control of the current into the secondary windings. This allows state-of-the-art performance to be(More)
A smart monitoring system for superconducting cable test is proposed with an adaptive current control of a superconducting transformer secondary. The design, based on Fuzzy Gain Scheduling, allows the controller parameters to adapt continuously, and finely, to the working variations arising from transformer nonlinear dynamics. The control system is(More)
20 9 2 4 47 81 56 3 51 Fiftyone in a Series S uperconductivity is a technology with a declared interest in several fields of physics and engineering. Nowadays, superconducting cables [1] are largely exploited in fields such as particle colliders [2] and medical machines [3]. The generation of electrical energy with tokamaks [4] is a further application of(More)
− A swarm-intelligence solution to industrial problems of automatic multiple-faults diagnostics is proposed. In particular, drawbacks of swarm-based algorithms in heuristic search strategy related to the mutual dependence of solutions are overcome by a likelihood-based trail intensity modification of ant-colony optimization. Experimental results of(More)
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