Giuseppe Montenero

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—A swarm intelligence-based procedure to detect critical conditions of a patient, affected by a specific disease, at an early stage in absence of clinician, is proposed. The procedure is to be integrated inside a remote health care system for patients at home, where some physiological parameters related to a specific disease are being monitored. A(More)
20 9 2 4 47 81 56 3 51 Fiftyone in a Series S uperconductivity is a technology with a declared interest in several fields of physics and engineering. Nowadays, superconducting cables [1] are largely exploited in fields such as particle colliders [2] and medical machines [3]. The generation of electrical energy with tokamaks [4] is a further application of(More)
− A swarm-intelligence solution to industrial problems of automatic multiple-faults diagnostics is proposed. In particular, drawbacks of swarm-based algorithms in heuristic search strategy related to the mutual dependence of solutions are overcome by a likelihood-based trail intensity modification of ant-colony optimization. Experimental results of(More)
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