Giuseppe Mazzola

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Copy-move forgery is one of the most common types of tampering for digital images. Detection methods generally use block-matching approaches, which first divide the image into overlapping blocks and then extract and compare features to find similar ones, or point-based approaches, in which relevant keypoints are extracted and matched to each other to find(More)
Copy-move forgeries are parts of the image that are duplicated elsewhere into the same image, often after being modified by geometrical transformations. In this paper we present a method to detect these image alterations, using a SIFT-based approach. First we describe a state of the art SIFT-point matching method, which inspired our algorithm, then we(More)
Copy-move forgery is one of the most common type of tampering in digital images. Copy-moves are parts of the image that are copied and pasted onto another part of the same image. Detection methods in general use block-matching methods, which first divide the image into overlapping blocks and then extract features from each block, assuming similar blocks(More)
In this paper we introduce a new method for Visual Saliency detection. The goal of our method is to emphasize regions that show rare visual aspects in comparison with those showing frequent ones. We propose a bottom up approach that performs a new technique based on low level image features (texture) analysis. More precisely, we use SIFT Density Maps (SDM),(More)
Digital image restoration aims to recover damaged zones of a digital image, using surrounding information. In this paper we propose a novel approach, based on bit-plane slicing decomposition, with the purpose to make information analysis and reconstruction process easy, fast and effective. Tests have been made on digitized damaged old photos to restore(More)
This work presents the preliminary results achieved within a FIRB project aimed to develop innovative support tools for automatic or semi-automatic restoration of damaged digital images concerning archaeological and monumental inheritance of Mediterranean coast. In particular, this paper is focused on a methodology for describing image degradation and its(More)
In this paper we propose a new method to detect the global scale of images with regular, near regular, or homogenous textures. We define texture ‘‘scale’’ as the size of the basic elements (texels or textons) that most frequently occur into the image. We study the distribution of the interest points into the image, at different scale, by using our Keypoint(More)
Old printed photos are affected by several typical damages, due to age and bad preservation. “Foxing” defects look like red-brownish spots onto the paper of the printed photo. Similar features can be seen in the digitized copies. In this paper we propose a set of low level descriptors to extract features from digitized photos affected by(More)