Giuseppe Mazzeo

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Meteorological satellites provide frequent (from few hours to few minutes) observations that can be exploited to globally forecast weather conditions and, particularly, precipitation phenomena that are not rarely responsible of dangerous flooding events. Soil moisture is one of the variable involved in the hydrological cycle which plays a key role when an(More)
Tunneling of individual electrons into and out of a GaAs quantum dot is measured in real time by an adjacent charge detector. By controllably increasing the tunneling rate at thermal equilibrium, the full-counting statistics of these tunneling events shows a sub-to super-Poissonian transition, accompanied by a sign reversal of its third statistical moment.(More)
Satellite remote sensing has increasingly become a crucial tool for volcanic activity monitoring thanks to continuous observations at global scale, provided with different spatial/spectral/temporal resolutions, on the base of specific satellite platforms, and at relatively low costs. Among the satellite techniques developed for volcanic activity monitoring,(More)
Germanium rich heterostructures can constitute a valid alternative to Silicon for the confinement of single electron spins. The conduction band discontinuity in SiGe/Ge heterostructures grown on pure germanium substrate is predicted to allow the confinement of electrons in the germanium, and the conduction band profile of germanium rich heterostructures(More)
The equilibrium ensemble approach to disordered systems is used to investigate the critical behavior of the two-dimensional Ising model in the presence of quenched random site dilution. The numerical transfer matrix technique in semi-infinite strips of finite width, together with phenomenological renormalization and conformal invariance, is particularly(More)