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Four crosses were made between inbred Cannabis sativa plants with pure cannabidiol (CBD) and pure Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) chemotypes. All the plants belonging to the F(1)'s were analyzed by gas chromatography for cannabinoid composition and constantly found to have a mixed CBD-THC chemotype. Ten individual F(1) plants were self-fertilized, and 10(More)
Sequence variants of THCA- and CBDA-synthases were isolated from different Cannabis sativa L. strains expressing various wild-type and mutant chemical phenotypes (chemotypes). Expressed and complete sequences were obtained from mature inflorescences. Each strain was shown to have a different specificity and/or ability to convert the precursor CBGA into CBDA(More)
The Yanghai Tombs near Turpan, Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region, China have recently been excavated to reveal the 2700-year-old grave of a Caucasoid shaman whose accoutrements included a large cache of cannabis, superbly preserved by climatic and burial conditions. A multidisciplinary international team demonstrated through botanical examination,(More)
Nowadays, Cannabis sativa is considered the most extensively used narcotic. Nevertheless, this fame obscures its traditional employ in native medicine of South Africa, South America, Turkey, Egypt and in many regions of Asia as a therapeutic drug. In fact, the use of compounds containing Cannabis and their introduction in clinical practice is still(More)
Major metabolic pathways and genes affected by low-temperature treatment were identified and a thorough picture of the early transcriptional changes in sugar beet plantlets upon cold stress was given. Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) is an important source of sugar and bioethanol production in temperate areas worldwide. In these areas, plantlet survival and(More)
(1)H HRMAS-NMR spectroscopy was successfully used to determine the metabolic profiles of 78 tubers obtained from three early genotypes grown under organic and conventional management. The variation in total hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen contents was also assessed. A PLS-DA multivariate statistical analysis provided good discrimination among the varieties(More)
Abstracts of the Third Meeting of the Section Agronomy and Physiology of the EAPR Held in Riga, Latvia, September 26–29, 2016s of the Third Meeting of the Section Agronomy and Physiology of the EAPR Held in Riga, Latvia, September 26–29, 2016 Published online: 23 May 2017 # European Association for Potato Research 2017 Ilze Skrabule and Ilze Dimante (Eds),(More)
Organic agriculture sparks a lively debate on its potential health and environmental benefits. Comparative studies often investigate the response of crops to organic farming through targeted approaches and within a limited experimental work. To clarify this issue, the transcriptomic profile of a cultivar of the potato grown for two years under organic and(More)
Molecular markers were employed to the characterization and analysis of hemp genetic structure by using RAPD technique. The results are presented about the Volume 7 Number 1 2002 statistical treatment of the molecular data. In addition, markers tightly linked to the male sex and their applications are discussed, and a short protocol for direct amplification(More)
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