Giuseppe M. Moramarco

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Object tracking over wide-areas, such as an airport, the downtown of a large city or any large public area, is done by multiple cameras. Especially in realistic application, those cameras have non overlapping Field of Views (FOVs). Multiple camera tracking is very important to establish correspondence among detected objects across different cameras. In this(More)
Six mutant strains were independently isolated in Salmonella typhimurium as non-polar revertants of a polar Tn10 insertion in hisG. DNA sequence analysis showed that all six mutants result from the same nucleotide alteration: a G/C to A/T transition 4 bp from the end of the hisG coding sequence. We present data suggesting that the mutation (hisG10225) acts(More)
Eighteen asthmatic children were challenged with ultrasonically nebulized cold distilled water (UNCDW). Blood gas composition was monitored transcutaneously (tcpO(2) and tcpCO(2)) during and after the challenge. Assuming as basal the response to this UNCDW test, nine children (Group A) were then chosen at random to inhale cromoglycate by aerosol delivery(More)
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