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During the process of 'maturation' of the fetal skin, detachment of the layer of vernix caseosa takes place from the fetal epidermis into the amniotic fluid, in the course of the last weeks of pregnancy. This results in: (a) a change of the cytological image of the amniotic fluid followed by a considerable increase in the proportion of the keratinized(More)
A system of supervision which we developed was described. With this system it is possible to make on-line evaluations of the CTG and postpartal blood analyses from the cord blood via computors (AEG 60-10 and AEG 60-50). The computed parameters together with all obstetrical data collected during the pregnancy (results from ultrasonic tests, estrogen and HPL(More)
The ultrastructural morphology of epidermal keratinocytes, which at the end of pregnancy and after shedding of vernix represent the majority of amniotic fluid cell population, is analysed by electron microscopy. Special attention is focused on the morphological characteristics of epidermal keratinization according the changes of the cell's ultrastructure(More)
Cervical ripening before labors is not an exclusively passive process by uterine contractions. On the contrary, we can find a lot of highly active processes in the cervical connective tissue with changes in metabolism of the cells leading to changes in the ground substance and the organisation and structure of collagenous fibres. We do not as yet know the(More)
Until desquamation of vernix caseosa near the end of gestation the large, non-keratinizing squamous cells, which have their origin mostly from upper intestinal tract, vagina and urinary tract, form the majority of the population of cells in amniotic fluid. Their structure, as seen by electron microscopy is described, especially it's changes during the(More)
Ultrasonocardiograms with autocorrelation technique were registered in 60 women from 24th to 41th week of pregnancy. Registration was first done in lying position for 10 minutes, then for another 10-20 minutes in sitting position, thereafter in standing position and finally during walking around. The registration quality was good with rare gaps: median(More)