Giuseppe Gottardo

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Adrenomedullin (ADM), a vasodilatatory peptide contained in adrenal medulla, was found to induce a dose-dependent increase in aldosterone (ALDO) and corticosterone (B) release by the in situ perfused(More)
Within two weeks, hypophysectomy induced in rats a striking decrease in the level of circulating ACTH (the concentration of which was at the limit of sensitivity of our assay system), coupled with a(More)
The distribution and the functional significance of angiotensin-II (ANG-II) receptor subtypes, AT1 and AT2, in the rat adrenal gland has been investigated in vitro. Autoradiographic assessment of the(More)
Prolonged (12-day) sodium restriction increased basal plasma concentration of aldosterone and provoked a notable hypertrophy of the zona glomerulosa and its cells in rats. A 7-day infusion of(More)
A prolonged infusion with ANF (20 micrograms/kg/h for 7 days) induced atrophy of zona glomerulosa cells and lowering of basal plasma concentration of aldosterone in rats whose(More)