Giuseppe Di Sabato

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With the sequential use of dialysis, chromatography on Sephadex G-100, reactive red 120-agarose, p-hydroxymercuribenzoate-agarose, phenyl-Sepharose, poly(L-lysine)-agarose, and isoelectrofocusing, the thymocyte stimulatory factor activity of interleukin 2 from rat spleen was purified about 8,000-fold. By the same procedures, the T cell growth factor(More)
Immunological effects of D- and D,L-penicillamine (PA) were studied in efforts to develop assays for synthetic D or D,L analogs and to contribute to the understanding of the mechanism(s) of action of D-PA in rheumatoid arthritis. At the highest doses tolerated by mice, D,L-PA did not significantly inhibit the development of haemagglutinating antibodies in(More)