Giuseppe Di Massa

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The present work is focused on <i>Software Defined Radar - (SDR)</i> paradigm, which gives a more versatile solution when compared to classical radar systems. Thanks to this new system model, most of the fundamental operations, such as signal generation, filtering, up and down conversion, are easily implemented via software. The objective of this paper is(More)
—A novel hybrid procedure is proposed in this paper for far-field reconstruction from phaseless near-field data. A basically interferometric approach is adopted to retrieve the near-field phase from amplitude-only measurements, which are collected by a simple microstrip circuit used in conjunction with two identical probes moving on the scanning surface. A(More)
In the past years, ESA has been considering the use of the () Global Positioning System GPS as a medium-accuracy attitude sensor for low-earth-orbit missions. This paper describes the design of a compact GPS antenna with impro¨ed multipath rejection to counteract the effects of the spurious reflections. In particular, a shorted annular patch that is a(More)
The design of reflectarrays is a complex and time-consuming process that very often relies on a trial-and-error approach. In this article, a simplified analysis based on a commercial simulator is proposed. This method, valid for both passive and active antennas, uses a simulator to characterize the single radiating cell and evaluates the contribution of the(More)