Giuseppe Di Maio

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AIM To evaluate the effect of a multi-disciplinary standardized management model on the efficacy of pegylated (Peg)-interferon alpha-2b plus ribavirin treatment of chronic hepatitis C in drug addicts undergoing substitutive or antagonist therapy. DESIGN Observational prospective multi-centre study. SETTING Six clinical infectious disease centres in(More)
We determined whether triple therapy comprising amantadine (AMA), ribavirin (RBV) and either peginterferon (PEG-IFN) alpha-2a or conventional IFN alpha-2a would improve sustained virological response (SVR) rates over dual therapy with IFN alpha-2a and RBV in patients with chronic HCV infection. A total of 362 treatment-naïve patients were randomized to 48(More)
Hepatitis B antigen (HB Ag) positive sera became negative after in-vivo incubation with homogenates of human faeces or intestinal mucosa. This was found to occur in all sera tested by various methods. These findings suggest the existence in the human intestine of a substance able to inactivate the HB Ag and that it is not an antibody or of the nature of(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the changes in volume, structure, and flow pattern of parathyroid glands in uremic patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism treated with long-term intravenous calcitriol (CTL) therapy. Ultrasonography was used to follow-up volume changes occurring in 18 enlarged glands in 11 patients during an 18-month period; in 6(More)
One of the following treatments was randomly assigned to 101 consecutive patients with biopsy-proven chronic active hepatitis: prednisone 20 mg daily, azathioprine 100 mg daily, prednisone 20 mg and azathioprine 50 mg daily, or B vitamins 2 tablets daily (control group). Patients were observed at the beginning of the study, then at 2, 6, and 12 months after(More)
The ability of HCV to mutate in response to cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) pressure is increasingly recognized, but the influence of such a mechanism in viral persistence and final disease outcome has not been ascertained. In this study, we performed a detailed longitudinal analysis of cell mediated immunity and HCV evolution in two self limiting and two(More)
Expert consensus recommends liver biopsy before therapy for chronic hepatitis C. A cost effectiveness analysis suggested that the best strategy in the management of patients was to treat without biopsy. We compared therapy in patients who did, or did not undergo biopsy. Hepatitis C virus (HCV)-positive patients (78) who did not agree to (n = 57) or with(More)
Whether and to what extent the pancreas is involved in acute viral hepatitis is still unclear. In order to address this issue we evaluated serum and urinary amylase and isoamylase levels in 92 patients with acute viral hepatitis of different etiology and in 60 healthy volunteers. Furthermore, pancreatic structure and volume were evaluated by ultrasound(More)
One fifth of all cases of A virus hepatitis (AVH) have symptoms of gastroenteritis at the onset. This study investigated the mediated intestinal absorption of D-xylose (D-xyl) and 3-o-methyl-D-glucose (3-omG) and the non-mediated permeation of lactulose (Lacl, mol wt 342) and L-rhamnose (L-rh, mol wt 164) during acute and remission phases of AVH. Ten(More)